I’m Sarah. I’m a 26-year old Colorado native who is hungry to see the world and experience new cultures while helping a good cause – The Women’s Wilderness Institute in Boulder, Colorado (TWWI).

TWWI is a nonprofit organization with the mission of strengthening the courage, confidence and leadership qualities for young girls and women through the challenge and support of wilderness and community-based experiences. Their Girls’ Wilderness Adventures are designed to develop the self-efficacy, self-confidence, leadership skills, and the capacity for authentic relationships that have been shown to be significant protective factors for girls.

THE PLAN: Visit 10 distinctively different countries and go on a first date with a local and write about my experience. I will also interview men and women of various sexual orientations worldwide to hash out commonalities and learn to appreciate each other’s differences and struggles – all while raising money for TWWI.

HOW WILL I PAY FOR THIS: I work for both an airline and a hotel, meaning just about all of my major travel expenses are covered. I am funding this without the help of sponsors or personal donations.

HOW WILL I RAISE MONEY FOR TWWI: Be on the lookout for gift packages including local goods from each country – 100 percent of all proceeds will go to TWWI! If you would like to donate now, please click here. *Special instructions: please copy paste “GDD” into the special instructions for non-profit text box when making your donation.*

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