I think it’s important to address something I take EXTREMELY seriously while embarking on each “dating journey” around the planet: My safety. Honestly, am I looking for love? Well, who isn’t, but I’m going to be realistic and say no. This is simply a reason to get to know people of other cultures and explore anything fun, romanctic, and super entertaining I encounter and document it.GDDLOGOCIRCLE

With that said, I have committed myself to several rules in regard to my dates:

  • Always reach out to personal contacts first to see if I can be set up prior to arriving, that way I have at least one reference
  • Always meet in a public place whether I’m on a blind date or I meet someone while in location
  • Never reveal where I’m staying, especially if traveling alone
  • Zero tolerance for aggressive behavior
  • Absolutely no overnight rendezvous
  • If I don’t have a date set up and I’m travelling alone, no mingling after dark in the bar scene – daytime only
  • No kissing
  • No more than two alcoholic drinks while on a date

Now this is all common sense, right? Nod your head. Crazy things happen everywhere in the world, whether you’re in Rio de Janeiro, Paris, or even Centennial, Colo. If there’s anything I’ve learned these mere 26 years I’ve lived on this planet, it’s the importance of common sense and following the most important thing; YOUR GUT. This post is for all of you (MOM AND DAD) who worry about me.

Much love,


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